Saints Online Registration is open for business, call for coaches

Hi all,

Saints is welcoming to any children wanting a game of soccer in a great family friendly environment. No matter what their ability or experience at soccer, all children are welcome with us.

As past/present members, please feel free to forward this information to any others you know that may be looking at options for their children, your reference is greatly appreciated.

Sign-on day is fast approaching, 9am-11am this Saturday 4th Feb – online registration is now open at the website.

Instructions are also available on our Registration and Fees page, if you need any assistance or, send us an email.

We will also have laptops available on sign-on day if they are required.

The sooner you can register the earlier we can arrange teams, coaches and training days so everyone can start planning for what is shaping up as another busy year.

Also we are keen to encourage a few All-Girl teams this season.  If you know of any girls that may be interested, make sure you let them know – especially in the 12-14 year range where we have had a bit of interest.

Looking forward to seeing you all out at the fields in the next few weeks.

Can any parents wishing to coach please drop us an email or make mention of it at Sign-On day. Coaching is a rewarding experience and something we are happy to support with accredited training.

All of us are volunteers and all lead busy lives, clubs like Saints rely on parents putting their hands up to help. If you’ve been toying with the idea but just don’t think you’ve got what it takes, think again and give it a try. I don’t know one coach that has regretted the experience.

Just like we want more all-girl teams, lets also aim for a few female coaches too in 2017